Terms & Conditions of the car rental


1. These regulations specify the detailed provisions of the lease cars entered by InCar24.pl the tenant, it applies to all rental agreements.

2. The tenant may be a person who is 21 years old, has a valid driving license. B, or the equivalent of this category on the driving license of the country of residence. Requires an additional identity document (ID or passport), in the case of businesses, registration documents.

3. The rented car can not be sharing with the persons other than the tenant and the persons authorized by him.

4. Rented vehicle at InCar24.pl forbidden to tow other vehicles, smoking and crossing the permissible load.

5. Without the written consent of the Lessor must not exceed the Polish border.

6. Rental fees are collected in advance. The required deposit is refundable deposit in the amount of 500 to 1200,00 PLN

7. Transfer car Tenants held after the inspection and signing the contract. This operation may also be accompanied by a procedure of returning the vehicle.

8. The tenant is obliged to return the car with the same amount of fuel, which has received, for any deficiencies pay the additional fee.

9. The car must be returned in clean condition, otherwise the tenant is obliged to cover the cost of cleaning the vehicle in the amount of PLN 70.

10. The rent is calculated per day of delay up to 1 hour of the return of the vehicle does not result in the calculation of the payment for the next day.

11. The intention to extend the agreement should be submitted at least 10 hours before the deadline for returning the car.

12. Extension of the rental period of time longer than 24 hours should be made in writing.

13. In case of delayed return of the vehicle despite the absence of explicit consent of the Lessor to extend the contract, or in the case of not informing the Lessor about the fact of extending the period of car rental, the Lessee is obliged to pay a penalty equal to 200% of the rent for each day of delay.

14. Failure to inform the Lessor of its intention to extend the lease period the car and did not return the vehicle within 24 hours from the end of the term of the contract is treated as an appropriation of the vehicle and will be reported to the Police.

15. During operation of the vehicle lessee is obliged to: Ownership documents provided by law on road traffic. Protect the car against theft (each time closing the vehicle and run alarms and locks). Performing their own expense use the standard vehicle, which is to check and possibly supplement the coolant and engine oil. Refill washer fluid. Control efficiency lights and possibly changing light bulbs or halogen lamps.

16. In the event of theft, burglary or damage to the vehicle lessee is obliged to immediately inform the Lessor and the nearest police station and obtain a document (attestation) of the resulting losses. Damage or loss of vehicle, regardless of the cause of the so-called. ‘Own share of the damage “- PLN 500.00 – PLN 2,000.00 (loss of deposit).

17. Lessee shall bear full liability for the lack of parts and equipment, in addition to the damage caused by improper use of the vehicle. For any loss or damage, equipment, audio-video components to satellite navigation or documents or car keys Renter is obliged to pay an additional fee: 500,00 PLN vehicle documents, keys 800,00 PLN features audio (changer player, remote control, panel ) 1200 GPS unit, other element by. calculation.

18. During the term of the lease of the vehicle Renter is forbidden to make repairs and modifications. About the fault found the vehicle must immediately inform the Lessor.

19. In the case of long-term lease is allowed to make to service and repair the car only in consultation with the Lessor only service centers designated by the Company InCar24.pl. The cost of failure removal in the case of long-term contracts (with the exception of the warranty period) shall be borne by the entity / person renting the vehicle.

20. If the damage to the vehicle come about as a result of the collision tenant is obliged to inform the police and the Lessor, if driving the vehicle is not possible to tow the vehicle to the car park or to the headquarters of the Lessor. It is forbidden to take decisions independently on the towing vehicle to the scene of the collision.

21. In the case of the creation of the duration of the lease car traffic damage, regardless of the perpetrator of the landlord bears the cost of the so-called. ‘Own participation in the event “- PLN 500.00 – PLN 2,000.00 (loss of deposit) .In the case of the traffic damage caused by Renter for the duration of the contract and its further continuation of re-charging of a deposit for the remainder of the rental period is only and exclusively from credit cards a person (entity) renter vehicle.

22. In the cases referred to below Lessee shall bear the full financial responsibility for the losses incurred: (valid if the total exclusion of the insurer for damage).

Vehicle theft, which have not been running security. Theft as a result of which were lost documents, keys. Damage caused when the leading vehicle was a person not mentioned in the lease agreement or annex to the contract. In the case where the driver was under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, driving a vehicle without a valid driving license or fled from the accident scene. Deliberate damage to the vehicle. Damage to the vehicle as a result of speeding or other violations of traffic regulations .Druga or further damage was caused by the fault of the tenant during the term of the contract? If it is a contract for a period of less than 6 months.

23.Abolition of own participation in damage – from 30.00 PLN / day to 50.00 PLN / day depending on the vehicle group, but not less than 5-times the daily rate.

24. The costs of repairs and tire replacement light bulbs in the headlights when the car is used by the Lessee remain on His side.

25. For any traffic violations incurred during the contract (registered eg. By a speed camera), the sole responsibility of the Renter.

26. All disputes arising during the implementation of the lease agreement shall be settled by the court.